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We offier differnt services

Farm developments & Consultancy

We have sharp skilled agriculture experts to
offer Farm Development Services. These services are completely reliable and easy to use. Offered farming services are best in the market and widely demanded by the farmers. We show best plants and use best and eco friendly pesticides.

We are professional problem-solvers and advisers employed by the agricultural community. Clients include farmers, growers, landowners, conservation organisations and public bodies. Krishi subidha organisation provide advice in all matters concerning
the ownership and occupation of land and rural businesses.

We are specialise in providing agricultural related consultancy services to individual farmers, companies and organisations, and in particular in liaising with the relevant government department and other state funded schemes administered by the India Government.

Gardner need & Landscaping

If you have an gardner need, simply call our
24 hour emergecny number

+91-8984260670 or

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