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Since Est. 20015

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Krishi Subidha Nursery is a Start-up and very quick growing nursery among all the nurseries in Odisha. We are committed to contribute to the society by nurturing and promoting Indian Horticulture. We believe in positive innovation. We work on the techniques which can help us in promoting welfare of all. We are specialized in wide range of indoor & outdoor plants, decorative plants, medicinal plants and different hybrid fruit and flower plants grown with innovative techniques. We sell the plants in wholesale and retail for general public, to business to other nurseries, to commercial gardens and also for needs of private estates and institutions. Not only that we are also providing consultation regarding each and every kind of plantation as well as agricultural needs according to the soil conditions water requirements tree resistance to any natural calamities by furnishing different trick and techniques, Essential Planting materials along with organic fertilizers.Corporate Responsibility is a vital part of every business.
Our business makes a positive contribution to the society by helping agriculture, understand and take up significant global challenges. We believe in working for a better tomorrow. We are committed for the betterment of agriculture and farmers. We are aimed to adapt and develop appropriate and environment friendly agricultural techniques and conservation of agricultural resources in support of sustainable and competitive agriculture. We exist to provide farmers focused services. We aim to deliver high quality service in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

company mission

Dedicated to be a model of excellence in the green industry with people working together committed to provide the highest quality products and services. We seek to achieve this by inculcating a sense of responsibility in one and all towards Mother Nature and contribute our enthusiasm for adding value to our customers and our community and environment, and bring reward to ourselves and the company.

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